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Re: Spielberg Predicts 'Implosion' of Film Industry

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Cannot understand why it's cheaper in the day time. Strange that the land of capitalism and money gauge would short change itself!
Au contraire, the cheaper prices for films during the daytime IS capitalism in action. During the day, less people go to the cinema than during the primetime evening hours of Friday night and Saturday night, therefore the lower price is an incentive to fill the empty seats. Some of the movie theaters around here advertise a "tight-wad Tuesday" incentive, where the films are $5 all day, or the dollar theater will sell tickets to second run films for 50 cents instead of a dollar on Tuesdays. (Tuesdays are typically the slowest day of the week for the theater).

Pretty standard concept.


Amusement parks typically charge less for admittance late in the evening than if you showed up at 10am when the park opens?

And that some bars with live bands typically stop charging cover towards the end of the night (I've been to a few that don't, and that's bullshit! I didn't get to hear any of the live band play)! Some bars will even let you in early to eat dinner, and NOT charge you cover to hear the live band?

Grocery stores will discount food items with expiration dates of today or tomorrow? Bakeries will sell day-old bread at reduced rates?
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