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Re: Does Data have a soul?

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"Speciest", racism would imply picking on a particular subset or race of a larger species, this is a remark about the entire species. But then, that would require reading comprehension from you so...

And the Vulcans do cling to older, more conservative ways of life, formality and so on, there's an antiquity to a lot of their ways.

The religious groups in Star Trek have been, intentionally or not, shown to cling to older ways of life and spirituality over those who appear more advanced on a social level as well as technological.
This is true but in Star Trek, we've also noted that while progressiveness is usually the order of the day, DS9 is the odd man out as we have the religious conversion of a man who calls the Prophets "Wormhole Aliens" only to formally embrace religion and the past entirely. Bellana Torres, eventually, adopts religious practices as well.

You're right, of course, that a "new religion" might be an interesting subject for Star Trek.

Q-cults or something.
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