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Re: Is TAS worth watching in my complete Star Trek marathon?

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The rest for the most part... well it's a typical 70's cartoon. You have the cast bumbling into silly situations and getting out of them.
Hardly. It may have been aired in a Saturday morning slot, and thus needed to tone down the sex and violence, but otherwise the writers' approach was to tell the same kinds of stories they told in TOS, just without the budgetary and technical restrictions on sets, locations, alien designs, and the like. It was a lot more serious and adult-oriented than "a typical '70s cartoon."
While the sex and violence was evidently toned down, it always struck me that for being a show made for a supposedly Saturday morning timeslot, TAS still had an astonishingly mature outlook about a lot of things.

"The Lorelei Signal" for example plays its sexual elements (the male Enterprise crew being lured to the planet and then effectively caged and raped by the population there) with maybe about the same amount of subtlety as TOS would have done. In other words, not a lot. It can't quite come out and say some of what its implying, but the subtexts of the story are pretty open and obvious. And then there's "Mudd's Passion"...

On the whole I'd say the amount to which TAS tones down on what TOS did is often overplayed within the fandom. The better segments of TAS are more than capable of being just as dramatically gripping as anything in the original three seasons. In some cases even more so!
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