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Re: ENT: A Choice of Futures by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!

I'm looking forward to Rise of the Federation for a number of reasons, not the least bit being this is closer to what I wanted from Enterprise than I actually got from the series. I enjoyed ENT and think it was an underrated series but I felt it split the difference between the more interesting period of "we don't know what's going on in the universe beyond having met the Vulcans and are still learning how to be a utopia" and "The Federation has begun, we've fixed Earth, so now what?"

I don't know how much freedom Christopher has for writing this work but it's also interesting to wonder how the personal lives of characters have developed. This is the "middle" part of their lives and the big challenges in their existence have been overcome. Will Archer ever have a personal life or is he married to the Federation? What about the other characters who have gone on to have their own careers? How have they changed now they've become icons of a sort?

I also like Christopher's writing because he does tend to ask the kind of questions you don't usually get in the shows themselves. How do the Bozeman's crew react to the modern world, how does a 1980s housewife, and so on. Seeing an experience Archer trying to create the "vision" of Starfleet should be fun, especially since the ENT-era Alpha Quadrant really was a [insert expletive] and a military alliance to defend themselves isn't an unreasonable request.

I'm expecting not moral ambiguity (Archer is clearly in the right) but the questions hinted at in the intro to be more nuanced than usual.
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