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Re: STID: 10 years later

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If anything, it will be the opposite. I think years from now STID will be viewed as mediocre, or in the bottom tier as far as Trek movies go.
When you rank all 12 ST movies for inflation-adjusted box office success/failure, "The Final Frontier", "Insurrection" and "Nemesis" always hover near the bottom. Similarly, they are usually at the bottom for popularity and professional critiques. I can't see how a film from the very top will end up at the bottom - neither this week nor in a decade's time.

STiD might be "mediocre" one day - if the next 12 films are all superior to it.

ST:TMP is probably the film that has grown on people over time. Many fans now express less dissatisfaction with it than they had on opening night, but it's always been ranked highly for inflation-adjusted box office success. And its Special Longer Edition, and its Director's Edition, won the film two waves of new appreciation.
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