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Re: New Build, USS Vengeance from Star Trek XII

captainkirk wrote: View Post
The model is looking really good. But everyone is ignoring the most important issue, are you going to model an Enterprise version 7?
Hehe. I probably will... but I'll wait a while. I wasn't too happy about the new Impulse Engine design, so I want to wait and see what else they changed. I bet they change it again, before the next movie.

Kruezerman wrote: View Post
Are you gonna make a "demilitarized" version?

With NCC-1701-A or NX-2000 on it?
I was definitely thinking about that... and NX-2000 would be a good name for it! If I do, I will probably restructure most of the secondary hull, though. Hopefully I get time to finish this one first, before I head off on a tangent though.

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