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Re: Game of Thrones (book/show) newbie (please no spoilers!)

Shanndee wrote: View Post
I'm with you DevilEyes. I am on page 445 and I find Tyrion the most funny, charming and smart character thus far.
Tyrion seems incredibly funny, charming and smart to the reader. In the books the general public and pretty much all his associates find him disgusting because of his behaviour and manner. In the show he's much more... suave and restrained.

I could name countless scenes in the books that have either been removed or vastly changed in the show to make Tyrion more polite and honourable. I won't though obviously cus people are still reading.

Ayelbourne wrote: View Post
He's not supposed to be ugly on the show. A character actually acknowledges at some point that he's quite handsome if you overlook the size issue (I'm so going to the special hell for that one...).
I know, I just think it takes away from the character. I don't think people would call Peter Dinklage a demon or a gargoyle.
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