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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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That's why you have the black girl in miniskirts still acting basically as the receptionist (and love interest), but nothing more substantial.


Hoshi, the receptionist again.
That you think nuUhura and Hoshi were doing nothing more than "basically acting as receptionists" indicates to me that you're not willing to discuss this from any kind of rational perspective and are just looking to cast aspersions.

Hoshi was a professor teaching xenolinguistics and the preeminent expert in the field on the entire planet, which is why Archer recruited her. She refined and developed the algorithms which allowed for the universal translator to work so smoothly later. She acted as a de facto diplomatic and cultural affairs officer (along with "T'Boob," who you equally dismissed so casually) to advise Archer on how to deal with alien ambassadors and species during first contact situations. She overcame her debilitating fears and remained a key member of the crew throughout the mission and countless dangerous situations, even after returning to Earth and having a chance to change her mind before going on what appeared to be essentially a suicide mission. But no, just a receptionist.

Uhura was fluent in three(?) important enemy alien languages as a cadet, was shown to be able to gather key intelligence on foreign powers like the Klingons by listening to their long range communications (which is how she learned about the Narada showing up), was able to step into the job when the dedicated officer couldn't speak Romulan, went on dangerous away missions to exploding volcanoes and the Klingon homeworld where she tried to resolve the situation through diplomacy at great risk to herself, risked her life to save Captain Kirk's by beaming down to a high-flying, fast-moving garbage scow to try and stun Khan and take him alive. But again, just a receptionist.

I have to ask. What kind of badass receptionists do you work with?
What you listed above is basically the technobabble version of character development. When you show that quote to someone who doesn't know Star Trek, you'll get a "what the hell do I care" reaction. That she teached xenolinguistics or developed universal translator algorithms or that she is fluent in three languages is just background information noise, you could replace it with something else and it wouldn't add or take away anything. What matters is what they do, and what they do isn't much.
When they are not acting as damsel in distress, they are the love interest, and when they are supposed to be strong women, they run around in skintight catsuits or miniskirts.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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