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Re: The Complete Guide to Starfleet Style: The TOS Movies Rad Suit

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Some feedback on OP article:

Rad suit
Is that really the name of these? Memory Alpha refers to them as simply "engineering suits".
Memory Alpha isn't canon. In the Christies "40 Years of Star Trek" auction, they were referred to as Engineering Radiation suits. It was archived by Mike Okuda so that's good enough for me.

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The Rad Suit was a completely new concept that had no counterpart in TOS.
That's false. There were hazard suits seen in TOS.
Yeah, see, an occasional view of some guy in a hallway wearing SOMETHING that's not defined in ANY episode isn't remotely comparable, IMO. Not one episode refers to these as "engineering suits" or "hazard suits" or indeed refers to them at all. When you can show me an engine room full of guys wearing those, then I will concede your point. I stand by my statement.

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Also, there's no mention that Lieutenant Cleary wore the black collar of the "rad suit" with his gray jumpsuit uniform.
My article isn't about collars or other uniform permutations. It's about Rad suits, and the Lt. isn't wearing one.

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Generally speaking, I don't bother with pages that claim to report a lot of facts, but don't have bibliographies.
And yet you bothered with mine. Tell you what, since I'm obviously just a hack writer who offends your sensibilities, "generally speaking" feel free to ignore me. That will make life easier for you.

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There're also no credits and no acknowledgements of copyrights on the photos and no appropriate claims of fair use.
And I just noticed that there's no footnotes either! Why, it's almost like I'm not doing a scholarly paper but rather a story meant to be informal, informational and entertaining.

I've gleaned info from many, many sources, not the least of which are my own observations as an owner of several specimens. As for the photos, the screen caps are obviously that – screen caps. This very Board is filled with them. Every other photo belongs to me and if I choose to not credit myself, I'm good with that. The one image that I got from another collector is appropriately credited.

Polite, constructive criticism is always welcome. Your "feedback" is neither. Obviously you just want to be snarky and insulting. Good news – you've succeeded! Now run along and let the adults talk about things they know about from first hand experience rather than from reading Memory Alpha.

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