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Worth a watch.... If Six is being "re-born" in the scene, I wonder which version we're going to get? A Basic Six 1.0, Gina 2.0 or the one that's been in Baltar's head for most of the last two years? It seemed to me more like a CapricaSix, but it was hard to get a good feel for which version.

God, I love spoilers... I'm such a spoiler whore....

acording to spoilers, it seems six is as delutional as baltar and my be she is seeing him in her head.
Huh? I must have missed that. Could you elaborate, please?
- from the patriot resource:
Episode 18 (was 17): Downloaded; 2/24/06
The episode is partly set on Caprica and shows what has happened to Galactica Boomer upon her "rebirth" in the Cylon fleet after she was killed by Cally. Baltar's Inner Six will be seen as being just as delusional as Baltar. The Doral model might also appear. Galactica/Tyrol Sharon will be seen being reborn along with a Six model with a D'Anna model serving as "nurse." This is the Cylon point-of-view episode. Lucy Lawless appears as D'Anna Biers.
I thought this was the episode that was cancelled and/or moved to next season, in order to make room for the extra Pegasus episode.
again, it was a clip show that was cancelled
but everyone thought it was donwloaded and reported it on every website
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