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Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)

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Yeah, it passed from "homage" (Keeping Khan is enough of an homage) to rip off then.
Rip off or not, I really enjoyed the "Into Darkness" take on the scene. Actually, I think the "Into Darkness" was the more emotionally resonant one.

Whether they ripped it off or not, they played it pitch perfect.
Personally, I found the STID version had no emotional resonance since the entire time I'm thinking of "Wow, they're doing this? Seriously?" It's an inferior imitation of one of Star Trek's greatest scenes.
Different strokes…I concur with BillJ (and I'm old enough to have seen WOK in the cinema first run, lest anyone think I'm too young to appreciate older movies). I quite like WOK but STiD has nothing to feel inferior over in comparison--for me. I don't expect everyone to feel that way, of course, but I've yet to talk to anyone (as opposed to post online) who viewed it differently than I did in any significant fashion. So that's one set of anecdotes offset by another.
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