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Re: Doctor Who: Harvest of Time

Harvest of Time is all kinds of cool. A lot of the time, these books written by the big name authors just feel like original works by those authors with the Doctor and his companion(s) inserted in. Michael Moorcock's Coming of the Terraphiles and Stephen Baxter's Wheel of Ice are perfect examples of this. But Harvest of Time really does feel like a Doctor Who story from the Pertwee era. Sure, there are things that they couldn't have done on a 1970s BBC TV budget, and the book does do "future referencing" that tie-ins covering an earlier era of an old franchise sometimes indulge in. In this case, there's something from the Tennant era that turns up. But the premise is totally something that could have easily been done in the Pertwee years had budget not been an issue and writing and characterization of the Third Doctor, Jo, and the UNIT gang is spot on.

One particular highlight is the Master. This novel is an excellent spotlight for the Master. Indeed, without giving too much away it would be accurate to say that for a decent portion of the novel, the Master becomes the Doctor's companion. This is written perfectly and it's very easy to visualize Pertwee and Delgado doing this stuff.

Yeah, Harvest of Time is an excellent book. Definitely worth it for any DW fan, but if you're a fan of the Pertwee era it's got to be a must-read.

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