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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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Third-console-itis. Sega did it with the Saturn, Nintendo did it with the 64, Sony with the PS3 now MS with the Xbox One.
Yeah technically the 64 was second place for that generation. Nintendo's decline was less catastrophic and more gradual so they didn't hit their nadir til the 'cube.

Overconfidence seems to totally screw over whoever is on top. Without Microsoft we'd be screwed over big time by Sony. Now Sony is the underdog, and the underdog always tries harder and delivers more.I think MS is gonna hurt hugely from this move. It's their "599 US Dollars" moment.

I voted switching to PS4 as my primary(Have PS3 but 360 is my primary console for non-exclusives). However most of Sony's exclusives never interested me, and I may just never upgrade. I've got every major console since the NES and ebay has plenty of games for me to buy still.

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