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Re: Would Spock Prime think Kirk and a young Kirk Prime look identical

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So why would I want to do all the mental gymnastics required to believe two different-looking actors are playing the same character when the story is lousy to begin with?
But you're not just complaining about this single story. You're saying that because you didn't like this single story, that means nobody should ever try to do anything similar to it. And it doesn't make sense to blame the whole category just because you didn't like one example of it. It's the blanket generalization I object to. Not to mention the attitude that one perceived failure is a reason to give up trying altogether.

I'd say Tom Hardy is doing well today in spite of his turn as Shinzon -- not because of it. Yes, actors have to set challenges for themselves, but those challenges should be interesting and well thought-out.
And what right do you have to assume he didn't find the challenge interesting and useful just because you personally didn't like the result? How absurd is it to assume that his experience of the job was identical to your own? I mean, he was cast to play opposite Sir Patrick Stewart, one of the finest actors in his nation, and to work with him in portraying two alternate versions of the same character. Ignore the rest -- I can't believe he wouldn't see that as a fascinating acting challenge and one hell of a career opportunity. There are much worse ways to improve your acting than to emulate Sir Patrick.
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