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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

Actually right now today the total revenue generated is easily over 400 million.

China as of Friday was already at 48 million, will be at 50 certainly by Sunday will make most likely 55 million US before its run is killed by the short run system for overseas productions (a few films that make financial deals with China managed longer runs, Iron Man III is a big example). Heck if China would run films from the US like the US does, Trek would probably clear 80 million or more from CHina.

From last week's reported total of roughly 375 million. China has pushed it to 387. US showing through Friday have pushed it to 392, France has given it by Friday enough to hit 395. And its still doing solid in Korea. Its should get another million or so from GB, its playing new in two other countries were I have yet to hear an attendance or dollar amount. And of course still showing in over 20 countries. Trust me by the end of business Friday the film should have crossed 400 million.

With an increase of 40 million (depending on what budget source you read) from 2009, and with film financing based on double what a film generates. STID needs to generate 80 million to cover the increase of Production costs.

It probably won't due that. It's looking more and more likely for a 460 million final gross. Which is roughly a 75 million increase from 2009. Almost enough to cover that increase when you consider the money studios actual earn from release.

Now as to Paramount, without knowing how much investment was from others, and where those others earn money,, will have no way of judging how Paramount itself is doing. All we can say is that overall costs will be covered and a profit should be made. But depending on where each partner (and what type of percentage those partners get) will determine what each party does. Say Paramount has a huge percentage from us distribution but almost nothing from overseas? That would mean Paramount would probably due worse this time, while the party who covers overseas would do vastly better. Thats just an example and has no factual bearing.

As for its budget. While that budget is a huge number, its still considerably under what Huge tent pole films normally costs.
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