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Re: Was I the only one who disliked Far Beyond the Stars?

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Everyone seems to rave over it.


I found the whole thing well boring.......

I watch startrek for the science fictions. The whole them of future and space ect

I don't watch startrek to sit and watch a 1950's drama about racism.

Thge only good thing about the whole thing was the acting.

By the way I find most holodeck episodes boring as hell too.
I polled the local electorate, and the answer to your question is "yes."
You are incorrect.

I did not find it boring but I DID find it on the nose and simplistic. Add to it the almost universal praise it receives, which I always took as "Look at me hopping on the PC bandwagon and liking this episode! I'm a GOOD PERSON!!!"

Throw in Brooks' usual overwrought, I WILL E-NUN-SEE-ATE E-VERRR-REEE SILL-UH-BULL delivery and it is virtually unwatchable to me.

So no, the OP is NOT the only person that dislikes this ep.
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