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Re: STID: 10 years later

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I doubt STID will any lasting appeal. Too much of it was built around the secrecy of Cumberbatch. In a decade, that won't be a factor at all and when people sit down to watch it it'll just be another generic summer blockbuster. And I say that as someone who kind of enjoyed STID.
Yet we still remember "The Best of Both Worlds" even though so much of it was built on would they save Picard or not. We still watch almost twenty years later even though we learned the answer long, long ago.

I actually think this film is going to be fondly remembered because its such a fun film to watch. Can't wait for the home-video release so I can marathon it with my other favorite Trek films and see how well it compares.
Part 2 of TBOBW generally is considered to be let-down after all the hype and build up it had over the summer of 1990. Indeed, I believe TBOBW's lasting appeal is over the fact that part 1 is a finely crafted episode and that's the reason we're still watching it twenty years later, because part 1 is so good. We only bother with Part 2 because it feels silly not to finish off the story.
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