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Re: My thoughts on and gripes with Star Trek Into Darkness

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I just mean that most recent so called science fiction shows involve magic and vampires and the like.
And COMPARED TO THOSE, Into Darkness was actually pretty cerebral.

Still if you ignore the drama, science simplification and character interaction there were episodes like the Domesday Machine, the time-travel episodes, Operation Annihilate, Charlie X, What Are Little Girls Made Of, All Our Yesterdays and even Spock's Brain. These are IMO science-fiction episodes.
Sure. Just not overly sophisticated ones in hindsight. Very good for their time, but competition back then was slim to nonexistent.

OTOH, the last two Star Trek movies have been chock full of drama, science simplification and character interaction including a flashy little bit of time travel craziness.

It just seems to me ST09 and STID both fit right in with TOS. The perception that it doesn't seem to be as visionary or as groundbreaking as TOS is because TOS is no longer visionary or groundbreaking by 2013 standards.

And I'm not so familiar with the other series by episode name but VOY 'Year of Hell' and just the Borg themselves are sci-fi.
And except for the gratuitous use of the reset button at the end, "Year of Hell" has alot of the same strengths as ST09 and STID.

You're basically trying to compare a 2013 movie to the PERCEPTION of the RELATIVE qualities of a 1968 TV series. That comparison falls apart the moment you try to imagine how Into Darkness would have been received if it had been released in 1968. And not even just the special effects; picture the storyline from ST09 or STID superimposed on the 1968 visuals and sets, TOS music, TOS special effects. Set all those things equal, and THEN compare STID to the original series.
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