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Re: My thoughts on and gripes with Star Trek Into Darkness

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TOS had stories written by science fiction writers.
CSI: New York had stories written by criminologists.

Nuff said.

Certainly none of the subsequent Star Trek series were more cerebral.
For that matter, none of TOS was quite as cerebral or as dramatically solid as "The Cage," with the possible exception of "Corbomite Maneuver."

Actually, the next time Star Trek pulled out a real dose of deeply thought-provoking science fiction was The Motion Picture. That was also, IMO, the LAST time.

I think I've watched most science fiction series and movies since TOS until the last couple of years we're frankly is mostly magic and vampires
The Man Trap
Who Mourns for Adonais
Plato's Stepchildren
Shore Leave
Wolf in the Fold

Yeah, I've never seen a TOS episode about magic and/or vampires (I mean, unless you think that changing vampires into aliens suddenly makes your story more cerebral ).
I cringe at my quote. I as usual wasn't very articulate. I just mean that most recent so called science fiction shows involve magic and vampires and the like.

I'm also not saying that TOS was pure science-fiction. Mostly it was not - mostly it was allegory.

Still if you ignore the drama, science simplification and character interaction there were episodes like the Domesday Machine, the time-travel episodes, Operation Annihilate, Charlie X, What Are Little Girls Made Of, All Our Yesterdays and even Spock's Brain. These are IMO science-fiction episodes.

And I'm not so familiar with the other series by episode name but VOY 'Year of Hell' and just the Borg themselves are sci-fi.
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