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Re: An interesting anecdote about two days ago...

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The fact that you resort to maths to even try and prove 9 out of 10 people don't know a cultural icon from the last 50 years is embarrassing.
Embarrasing? It's just the way it is. Not everyone knows the "icon", and that's perfectly fine.

The people on the high horses are those who chuckle or find it strange when someone doesn't know their "icon".

Entertainment (and pop culture) is indeed a big bubble, but it's still a bubble, and there are A LOT of people who are not in it.
Yeah, I gotta agree. As I said before, not everyone's going to like the same things. You tend to assimilate information you either like or is important to you in someway. For a lot of people it simply isn't Captain Kirk. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a bit high horsed in itself to assume everyone should know about what -you- like, even if you're in the majority... which let's face it, us Trek fans aren't.

I find it a bit surprising I'm being told to take a "chill pill" in the same post that contains phrases like, what is wrong with you people, stupid logic, embarrassing oh and described the chill pill with the adjective fucking. Though I suppose you could be going for irony points there.
"I was never a Star Trek fan." J.J. Abrams
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