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Re: Would Spock Prime think Kirk and a young Kirk Prime look identical

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As an aside, there's another TWOK plot-hole for you, Christopher. Why would Reliant allow both her captain and first-officer to beam to the surface of Ceti Alpha V? I know the plot reason, but wouldn't Beach have been a better choice?
That's a plot hole with something like 90% of TOS. Really, the captain shouldn't be going on landing parties at all -- that's not his or her job.

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Sulu's probably a different age too, given than John was nearly twice the age as Anton was at the time of the first film. And eight years older than George was when he first played Sulu.
But Walter Koenig was nine years older than Chekov. And Harry Mudd was supposed to be 47 according to the "Mudd's Women" script, but Roger C. Carmel was only about 32 at the time. Not to mention that Patrick Stewart was about a decade younger than Picard was supposed to be, and Aron Eisenberg was 24 when he started playing the "teenager" Nog. Just as with faces and voices, one mustn't confuse the actor's age for the character's age. Lots of actors look older or younger than they really are, or at least can pass for it, so lots of actors play characters whose ages don't match their own.
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