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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Anton Karidian. AKA Kodos the Executioner.
B is for Baroner. A man that Commander Kor found....refreshing.
C is for nurse Christine Chapel. Whose name should not have been mentioned in STID. Not if they were not going to show her.
D is for Dyson Sphere. A Federation vessel actually encountered and crashed into one in the year 2294, but the event wasn't known until seventy-five years later.
E is for Epsilon 9.
F is for Ferengi Alliance, the official name for the commercial and interstellar empire built by the Ferengi people.
G is for Gamma Hydra 4.
H is for Hirogen Subspace Relay Network, which had at least several transmitters each in the Delta, Beta and Alpha Quadrants.
I is for Interspace.
J is for Jeffrey Carlson, present following the Roswell ”flying saucer” crash of July 1947 and the U.S. military examinations of the three Ferengi survivors.
K is for Kruge. The Klingon commander that killed Kirk's son. Bore a striking resemblance to Doc Brown.
L is for Lore. Data's evil twin.
M is for Mara. Kang's first officer. And his wife.
N is for Noses. Tellarite ones looked like porcine snouts.
O is for "Oh, my goodness...Alice Eve looks hot as Carol Marcus."
P is for Photon Torpedoes. The very first human encounter with photon torpedo technology was aboard a small Klingon scout ship trapped in the atmosphere of a gas giant.
Q is for Quadrotriticale. It's wheat I tell you. Just wheat.
R is for Roddenberries.
S is for Saturn's rings.
T is for Troi's pedantic psychobabble.
U is for uniforms. Again. Especially T'Pol's ultra-tight white desert climate mission uniform. Wow!
V is for V'Ger's cloud barrier.
W is for Wynona Kirk. James T Kirk's mom. Where the hell is she in STID? She's in the credits.
X is for Xindi-Aquatic ships. Huge. Far bigger than any Earth spacecraft of the era.
Y is for Yangtzee Kiang. Federation Runabout what Sisko crashed in the Gamma Quadrant killing the Bajoran religious boss Kai Opaka who was a passenger.
Z is for Zarabeth's cave.
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