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Re: First Contact was a reimagining of TNG

I'm not sure where you're getting an "insect" vibe from the Enterprise E, but calling it hideous is a little over the top. It was a beautifully crafted miniature, and looked amazing in "First Contact" particularly. Whether the art direction is your cup of tea or not I suppose is going to vary from person to person, but let's not insult the talented folks who worked so hard on this stuff so we could have a fun couple of hours at the movies.

Even if it weren't the case that Picard was occasionally an action hero on the series, why would this matter at all?

The movie isn't trying to claim that this is a regular day in the life of pro action-hero Jean-Luc Picard, and in fact establishes quite the opposite. This is a great big huge event with extraordinary circumstances that the Captain finds himself in.

It would be like saying that "Die Hard" is a terrible movie because John Maclane's character is supposed to be just a regular guy but they've got him in this action-hero role! It's completely ignoring the point of that kind of action movie, that the premise is these crazy extraordinary circumstances and how the characters resolve them.

It's why First Contact feels like a movie and not an overly drawn out episode of the TV show.
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