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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

New Spoilers for "Lay Down Your Burdens"!

Apparently, Boomer and Six propose an armistice and put some of the Galactica's officers and civilians within an internment-like camp on a planet. The humans cannot escape and if any of the fleet approach the planet, they will be nuked.

Questions arise as to whether the Demand Peace pacifistic movement is involved in the armistice as civilians are mentioned. It was also speculated as to whether the Six model is really Gina, one of the Demand Peace agents revealed in Episode 212, "Epiphanies." Also rumors abound as to whether the Pegasus gets blown up, possibly by one of the nuclear devices that the Cylons possess. Could this be Baltar's device that was given to Gina (also shown in "Epiphanies")?


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