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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Paired with her husband, they sort of cancel each other out and he's a more prominent character...
Where literally every scene he's involved in and slightly more than half of his lines have something to do with Amanda.

In which case you'd be hard pressed to prevent her from being written out of the movie altogether, since there's no real reason for "The Captain's Yeoman" to have any meaningful lines that couldn't be attributed to Spock, Uhura, Carol or Bones.

I'd still be happy if she appeared.
No you wouldn't. Especially since you wouldn't notice that she DID appear if she didn't have any lines, especially so if she died three minutes after her first silent appearance.

Nonsense. There are quite a few supporting male cast members. Just use the women instead. Simples.
And they did. Very prominently, in fact.

Lol - I'm willing to bet that they had more than enough actresses auditioning, just not that many role for them to fill.
You know better than that. "Extras" are cast based on a broad set of qualifications, but gender isn't one of them. If they had majority females auditioning for those roles, there'd be a majority of females in the background of the crew.

You're implying that female actresses have a tendency to gravitate towards science fiction/action films despite the fact that you have to know, on some level, that this is not the case. If women are under-represented in this regard, it's primarily because of the lack of desire to BE represented.
Yeah I've already said I give Amanda a pass because she represents more than 'just' Spock's mother. I meant in terms of numbers parental characters cancel each other out because they come in pairs. Sarek is more prominent because he's still breathing.

I can think of many ways that Rand could contribute and not one of them is asking the Captain to look at her legs. I don't think a person's rank determines how much they should be allowed to contribute to a story. That's bonkers. Chief O'Brien did fine, regardless of where his rank was fluctuating that week. And, a few Russian jokes aside, nothing Chekov does particularly screams TOS Chekov in either movie, yet there he remains. I do however think rank is significant to the way in which a character contributes to the story and leaving newly qualified cadets in charge of the ship or engineering is a bit silly.

I don't think they'd have ANY difficulty filling the numbers if the parts were there. I was surprised at the number of women who attend Star Trek conventions and if I recall correctly, Rosario Dawson was really keen to get a part. Heather Langenkamp apparently appeared as an alien extra. A lot of women love Star Trek. I think on some level you know that to be true. And btw you might not want to ever repeat any of that stuff to a woman. I think they might be insulted at the suggestion that they stick to 'women's issues'.
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