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Re: Would Spock Prime think Kirk and a young Kirk Prime look identical

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Heck, I never found Jeremy Kemp convincing as Picard's brother. He just didn't look like he could be related to Patrick Stewart. In an ideal world, I would've liked to see Sean Connery in the role. .
Nah, F. Murray Abraham or Ben Kingsley.
Yeah, there is a certain resemblance between Stewart and Kingsley too, not just in appearance but in speech mannerisms and delivery. And at least then Robert wouldn't have had a Scottish accent.

I have a good ear for speech rhythms, and I've noticed that a number of English actors seem to have almost identical rhythms and performance styles to Patrick Stewart's, including Kingsley and Michael York. It makes me wonder if they all were trained by the same acting teacher, and if so, just how meticulous the training is.
Stewart and Kingsley are both from Northern England and members of the Royal Shakespeare Company. York is from Southern England was part of the National Theatre. I think all three are of the generation where regional accents were looked down on and actors were encouraged to lose them.
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