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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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In a genre like Star Trek, if you have numbers you end up having substance. It will self correct.
No it won't.

Because the genre Star Trek belongs to is "science fiction," a genre whose literary tradition is replete with damsel-in-distress subtropes who are raped and/or murdered by antagonists at a really disturbing rate.

If you double the number of women on the Enterprise you merely double the chances of Kirk having a threesome with two or more of them. That is pretty much the OPPOSITE of what we're looking for here.

Why do you view gender equality in the franchise as a conflict?
Because you keep insisting that it is something to strive for and complaining when they do it. Clearly you prefer quantity over quality, which in science fiction often defeats the purpose.

Look at it this way: a director produces a string of movies with an all-white cast and two black characters who are either pimps or gangsters. The public complains that blacks are under-represented in his movies, so he makes a film that features two white cops and forty black gang bangers.

Quantity over quality, right?
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