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Re: Would Spock Prime think Kirk and a young Kirk Prime look identical

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Yes. They are the same person.

Everyone in the nuTrek universe is the exact same person as in the oldTrek universe and looks identical to them, including Chekov.
Except Chekov is the one we know is a different age, about 4 years older in nuTrek... but since his birth is after the timeline change, that's allowed. But that means nuTrek Chekov is not actually oldTrek Chekov. A different kid with the same name born to the same parents but at a different time.
Sulu's probably a different age too, given than John was nearly twice the age as Anton was at the time of the first film. And eight years older than George was when he first played Sulu.

Looks don't bother me as much as voices. The two Spocks sound nothing alike.

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And I also agree about Patrick Stewart and Tom Hardy, which was one of my problems with that film. It's like they got an actor who was about the same height and build as Patrick, then shaved his head and figured: Hey, they're practically twins! Forget the fact that the two men's faces were completely different and their voices sounded completely different too.

We all have our little pet peeves and things that take us out of the story. This is one of mine.
For me I find it destracting as Tom looks like a bald Wil Wheaton!
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