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Re: Would Spock Prime think Kirk and a young Kirk Prime look identical

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Or it might be that a point was just never made of it in TOS (no one calling him a whiz-kid). Otherwise, Chekov did seem able to fill in for Spock at the sciences station when he wasn't on the bridge (even though he was in Command, he also might have had a background in Sciences).
Without knowing precisely how the Academy teaches its students, it would seem that every cadet is exposed to a certain number of core disciplines as part of becoming a Starfleet officer, in much the same way that medical students must rotate through most or all medical specialties before finally choosing one for themselves. It's certainly plausible that a cadet could have a primary area of expertise (navigation) and a secondary area with which he's familiar (exobiology). That Spock was willing to let Chekov work under him speaks volumes about how highly regarded Chekov must have been by his peers.

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