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First Contact was a reimagining of TNG

I just realized, that, the same way that JJ Trek is a reimagining of TOS, the movie First Contact was a reimagining of TNG.

It was no longer the TNG we all knew and loved. The Enterprise D (arguably the primary environment and foundation setting of TNG) was destroyed the most moronic way, and replaced by this hideous insect looking thing.

Picard was only there by name (He was never an action hero, and he never had a horrible temper tantrum as shown in this movie. Also he was pretty much over the Borg incident)

Riker was just Jonathan Frakes, as well as Diana was just Marina Sirtis.

Zefram Cochrane was the most sad sorry ass scientist I've ever seen on screen. He looked (and acted) like one of those panhandlers I see on my daily drives around the city).

And the whole concept of a Borg Queen to humanize the Borg as an enemy was just lame, along with her lame attempts to seduce Data sexually.

It's only the best TNG movie because the other ones are literal turds.

So yes, I would say FC was not a continuation, but rather a reimagining of TNG the series using the same actors.
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