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Re: Why was the Enterprise.. [Spoilers]

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They were using sensors to locate him, not eyeballed guesstimates.
Were they using sensors to measure -- down to the centimeter -- the exact distance of his jump?

Better question: if you were tracking Khan though, say, the optics pod of a Predator drone, would you even be able to tell with any accuracy how far that jump really was?
If we're expected to believe the Narada was scanned to the degree that technology advanced by leaps and bounds...
Considering they didn't actually build their own Narada, this point is irrelevant. Do you need to know down to the exact meter how big the Narada is to know that it's freaking huge?

I'm sure measuring (and displaying) the position of a person they're tracking is quite doable.
Sure. But that's a far cry from measuring the exact distance of his jump. If they could track Khan that accurately they would have been able to beam him up without Spock having to chase him across the city.
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