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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Don't get me wrong. I can easily see there being a regulation prohibiting drinking to the point where you're impaired and couldn't perform your duties if suddenly recalled to duty.

But that not the same as completely eliminating all alcohol on board.
But why would you need Alcahol with synathol onboard? If you cant do without the real booze then you have a problem.
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On those rare occasions that you're allowed to drink on US Navy ships (beer day), you must be at least four hours away from your next assigned duty shift.
And if synthahol existed then I bet beer day would be replaced with synthahol where ever whenever.

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The "best way" would be to have people who you can trust around alcohol.
Well yeah but sythahol onboard works.

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You missing something. These people aren't just going out on a six month deployment to sea, they are living years and decades of their lives aboard the starships and at the starbases to which they're assigned.
Well again YOU HAVE SYNTHAHOL if you want to stay at home and booze up all day then dont join starfleet. Otherwise have synthahol that does the same thing but which side go quicker and isnt addictive.

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There was no sign that consuming the Romulan Ale in any way slowed or altered the officers responses. While Kirk and Chekov both were experiencing headaches (and maybe body aches), their abilities to preform their duties was intact. And Scotty showed no effects at all, neither did McCoy.

So even though my repsonses seem ok after a few beers I should be ok to drive even though Im over the Drink driveing limit? Thats ok is it?
Same with driveing hung over? That ok even though its shown to impair responses (normaly if hung over your still over the limit anyway?). No maybe it would not have made a diffrence in the situation but the principle still the same. And they did get caught out as the fact they were still probably slightly intoxicated was brought out in the trial, so it gave the klingons fuel to use.
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