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Re: An interesting anecdote about two days ago...

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I don't expect non-fannish types to know who "Aeryn Sun" or "Odo" or "Zatanna" are, but Yoda? He's on lunchboxes, paper plates, and greeting cards for Obi-Wan's sake! I thought Yoda was mainstream.
There might as well be just as many things on greeting cards and lunchboxes that "everyone knows" but that you don't know either.
Oh, certainly, especially where sports are concerned. Still, I figured "Yoda" was pretty mainstream, so that even if (amazingly) you'd never seen a STAR WARS movie, you'd probably have kids or grandkids who were into the toys and games and such, and would have picked up some of this stuff by osmosis. So that, at the very least, running into someone who is unfamiliar with STAR WARS is rather more surprising than running into someone who has never heard of, say, DEEP SPACE NINE or THE 4400 . . .

On a practical level, it's probably safe to assume that you don't have to explain who "Darth Vader" is when talking to the average person. Unlike, say, Professor Quatermass or Hawkman.
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