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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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It's not about it being acceptable. But Khan is the bad guy and does bad things, including crushing people's heads until they pop like a grape that's been stepped on. It's how we know he's the bad guy.

But I think audiences would've been a bit more squeamish if if was a woman in that position. Especially when domestic violence is still a real issue and tough to crack.
Khan was the ultimate sexist in 'Space Seed'. He actually committed domestic violence against Marla McGivers.
How true. What gets me is why she'd want to be with a man like Khan in the first place.

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I'm still disturbed by Riker vaporizing Yuta in The Vengeance Factor instead of taking one of the numerous non-lethal options available to him (like say, beaming up her intended target --Fat Road Warrior-- instead of Riker beaming down).
That was a split-second decision of saving the life of one of the leaders of a planet that's a Federation member from being murdered in cold blood, who was probably going to die after she'd accomplished said murder. Nothing sexist about it at all, from my POV.
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