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I played for about 7-8 hours yesterday, which I haven't done with a game since "Arkham Asylum" came out. This game is great, and the world is so detailed. I actually find myself enjoying some of the quieter parts of the story because it gives me a chance to just look around and take in the scenery.

My one complaint so far has to do with the weapon selection. In most games I've played, when you run out of ammo in a gun, it automatically switches to the next available weapon in your arsenal. In this game, if you run out of ammo, you have to manually go in a switch to a different weapon. This pause has resulted in me dying more than once. It just really interrupts my flow, but it's a minor complaint, and it's certainly not ruining the game for me.

My roommate asked me what this game was like, and I told him it's like a mix of "Uncharted," "The Walking Dead," and "Children of Men." His response was, "That sounds awesome!"
I kind of like that they make you switch weapons like that, and that ammo is fairly rare. It really makes the whole thing feel more realistic, and makes the fights a lot more nerve racking.
And on another note, my PS3 seems to have stopped working, so it looks like I might now be able to finish the game. I would replace it, but I've been thinking about getting a PS4 when they come out, and if I replace my PS3 then I can't do that.
It's unplugged now, and I was going to leave it until the morning and see if that fixes the problem. I really don't want to lose everything I have on the system.
EDIT: I meant to tell you guys the problem in case someone had an idea how to fix it.
Every time I turn the system on all the lights come on and it starts making internal noises, but all I get is a black screen. I checked all of the connections and that video mode on my TV and that stuff is all fine, so whatever it is the problem appears to be with the system. I've been having problems with off and on for a few months now.
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