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Re: Would Spock Prime think Kirk and a young Kirk Prime look identical

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We all have different ideas about where that line is. For me, seeing two actors who obviously look (and sound) very different -- but I'm supposed to believe they are clones, or the same character at a different age -- crosses that line.
But, again, what's the alternative? There's only so much you can do to alter an actor's appearance, and it should be a given that you choose the best performer for a role regardless of what they look like. Sure, it's nice when the resemblance is convincing, but there's no way to guarantee that.

Heck, I never found Jeremy Kemp convincing as Picard's brother. He just didn't look like he could be related to Patrick Stewart. In an ideal world, I would've liked to see Sean Connery in the role. But I know there was no way they could've possibly afforded him. They made the best casting choice they could, and though it was difficult for me to suspend disbelief, I understand the realities of the situation and I don't condemn the episode for failing to achieve the impossible. Yes, I find Hardy's lack of resemblance to Stewart distracting, but I accept that getting the right performance and the best chemistry between the actors was a higher priority, and rightly so, than just what the actor looked like or sounded like. There's a reason it's called willing suspension of disbelief. Sometimes, even when it's hard to believe, you just have to choose to play along for the sake of the story.
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