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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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However in the USA and Canada, the box office gross is a disappointment. That is what I am saying. Competition was more fierce but this means people chose the competition over Trek.
Which is the way its always been. Americans seem to have an easier time connecting with contemporary sci-fi than futuristic sci-fi and contemporary action than futuristic action.

I had hoped this one would do major business here, but was concerned with what it was competing with.

Plus, I'll say now, I don't think we see a budget cut with the third film. But I do think they will up the action to continue to appeal to foreign markets. Star Trek for the foreseeable future will be more a straight action franchise.
Well in the United Kingdom, ST09 was a great success and was its biggest market outside of the USA and arguably the second most 'saturated' and if any foreign market would see a drop it would presumably be the UK for the same reasons as the USA (competition/content/release date)

But in the UK Star Trek Into Darkness has increased over Star Trek 2009.

STID currently: 24.8m Pounds
ST09 total: 21.3m Pounds

Against the same competition. The UK has not increased its cinema screens like other countries and STID has not got a bigger release than ST09 did because with USA it was the most heavily saturated Trek market... but its increased! USA didnt. USA = disappointing gross. UK & Rest of world a success.
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