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Re: is str trek: tng / dr who assimilation 2 volumes 1 and 2 any good?

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
Some people love it.

I found it a deeply flawed work.

It wasn't a problem with the artwork; the painted style came in for criticism, but I enjoyed it.

Rather, it was a story problem. For one thing, the plot didn't make a lot of sense. For another thing, Picard and the Doctor were largely reacting to events passively. Characterizations were terrible. The writers never figured out what to do with Rory and Amy. I kept waiting for something shocking and mind-boggling to happen. It never did.

I'd say the story is one of the dull, talky bottle shows Star Trek: The Next Generation did, with the Doctor as the main guest star.

A missed opportunity, in my opinion.
^Total agreement, but it should be pointed out that there is some fun flashback sequences in this series and a nice solid peek at the Deltans' home world. May be worth checking out for these bits alone.
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