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Re: Would Spock Prime think Kirk and a young Kirk Prime look identical

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I have Hazel eyes. Yet people often think they're blue or brown. It's all a trick of the light.
Well, any color is going to be affected by how the light is hitting it. But using that as a rationalization for how Pine's bright blue eyes could be confused with Shatner's dark hazel eyes is just...pushing it. At least for me.

If having two actors who look different with different eye color playing the same character doesn't bother you, great. Unfortunately it bothers me. For me, it's like seeing a character who's flying through the air and I can see the wires holding him up. It's like a giant neon flashing sign announcing that this is all fake and it takes me out of the story. But that's me.
My real rationalization is it's just a movie and it shouldn't matter. Just as the discrepancy between Quinto and Nimoy's earlobs, Saldana and Nichol's builds or Pegg and Doohan's hair lines should't matter.

You might want to avoid watching the James Bond series. They've had six different actors playing him over the course of the series and none of them look alike! Also Roots, LeVar Burton and John Amos, who play Kunte Kinte at various ages, look nothing alike. Ever notice that Kirstie Alley has green eyes and Robin Curtis has brown eyes?
My rationalization is that I can ignore the different physical appearance of recasts as long as the actors don't appear in scenes together. Kirstie's Saavik and Robin's Saavik never shared screentime. Ditto for the two Scotties and the two Uhuras, and all the James Bonds. Of course James Bond has been recast multiple times and looks different every time. So what? I couldn't care less about that unless they write a new movie where Sean Connery and Daniel Craig appear together onscreen as Bond and Bond Prime. You have to admit, that would just be silly.

I don't care that Pine looks different from Shatner. What I care about is, if they appear side by side in a scene together as Kirk and Kirk, they look so jarringly different that it will take my out of the movie.

I must say, I've never noticed about the earlobes on Old and New Spock. Next time I watch them in a scene together, I'll probably fixate on that.
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