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Re: Would Spock Prime think Kirk and a young Kirk Prime look identical

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If having two actors who look different with different eye color playing the same character doesn't bother you, great. Unfortunately it bothers me. For me, it's like seeing a character who's flying through the air and I can see the wires holding him up. It's like a giant neon flashing sign announcing that this is all fake and it takes me out of the story. But that's me.
You'd think the fact that you're watching it projected onto a flat screen, or that the characters have cameras pointing at them without being aware of it, or that there's music playing in the background without the characters noticing that either, or that a lot of them look and sound like actors you recognize from other roles, would be enough to announce that it's fake.

Just watching TV or movies at all, or watching a play, or reading a book, or experiencing fiction in any form, requires some suspension of disbelief. You always know that it's not real, but you choose to play along with the illusion. You exert your own imagination by choosing to ignore the evidence that it's illusory. Just like you did when you were a child and pretended your backyard was a jungle or an alien planet or whatever.
...Or hearing a laugh track when you're watching a sitcom. Of course it's all fake, but most of us are still able to "tune out" a lot of this stuff and still lose ourselves in the story for an hour or two. And at least for me, the ability to do that, to suspend my disbelief for a little while is important.

Just because it's all fake doesn't mean that the filmmakers shouldn't make some effort to keep it "real". We all know that the Enterprise doesn't really fly through space, but that doesn't mean we want to see the wires holding up the model as it flies by. And when we're watching Klingons, we don't want to see the prosthetics coming off the actors' faces. There are limits to how "fake" a movie or TV show can get before it starts to lose the audience, a line that cannot be crossed without going into parody.

We all have different ideas about where that line is. For me, seeing two actors who obviously look (and sound) very different -- but I'm supposed to believe they are clones, or the same character at a different age -- crosses that line.
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