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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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Yep. Show me one example of the crew attempting to do things Jellico's way or actively trying to help him with the mission. I'm not talking about suggesting he lighten up or attempts to convince him to leave things alone. I'm talking about someone saying "yes sir we will get it done." The only ones that come to mind are Data and possibly Worf.
Agreed. Data seemed to work well with him. I don't remember much about how Worf got on with him.

I do remember Crusher openly sulking about the possibility of casualties being sent her way during battle. What the hell did she think he was supposed to do? Not fight back if the Cardassians started shooting? Let them march right into Federation space? How many people would have died then?

I hope there was off-camera moment following Picard's return in which he said something about the way Jellico was treated. I can't imagine Jellico complaining about it, but captains have a way of knowing when there's been trouble. Had I been in Picard's shoes, I'd have been furious.

Crusher just went through a lot and hasn't got her mind wrapped around the situation yet. I'd give my CMO a pass on that. And I'm absolutely sure that Picard has no time for drama after what he's been through.

At the end of the day, I'm sure everyone probably said, "That could have gone better" and Riker said, "Well...that escalated quickly."
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