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Re: STID: 10 years later

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I'm honestly not sure any newer movie will be regarded as a classic the way Star Wars is now. New films, for all their awesome spectacle, are just too commonplace nowadays.

Even Avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time, probably won't stand the test of time. Does anybody even talk about Titanic or The Matrix anymore?
I think long-running franchise films are a bit different though. We're still here talking about the Star Wars prequels and the Next Generation films.
The only reason anybody still talks about the SW prequels is because of how shitty they were compared to the original Star Wars trilogy. If the OT didn't exist and we started with the PT, I guarantee nobody would be talking about them because they're just so damn forgettable.

As for TNG films, who exactly is still talking about them? We few nerds on a message board? They've hardly made an impact on the movie-going experience as a whole.
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