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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

The more I think about it (and having just watched BOBW) the more..."Now I see why he didn't get his own command" comes off as utterly insane. We ARE talking about the guy whose plan saved Earth, and probably the Federation and the AQ aren't we??? I mean seriously Jellico? You come in and start blasting orders, keep your officers in the dark as to your intentions...and then stand there baffled when there are communication problems and slander a ****ing hero? Look in the mirror dude.

If there were any kind of hearing...Jean Luc Picard giving testimony that Jellico said that about Riker...that ALONE would probably get Jellico shipped off to Delta Vega.

I'm not saying Jellico was wrong to relieve Riker, but that stuff above is just ignorant.
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