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Phase II "The Holiest Thing" Publicity Photos

We're right in the middle of a two-week-long shoot of our latest Star Trek Phase II episode "The Holiest Thing" by Mr. Rick Chambers. A pivotal scene in the episode takes place between Captain Kirk (Mr. Brian Gross) and Dr. Carol Marcus (Ms. Jacy King) in the "INT. SHIPS' ARBORETUM." We never really saw a "INT. SHIP'S ARBORETUM" set in TOS, so we combined elements from the INT. BOTANY LAB" set from "The Man Trap" with elements from the "INT. HERBARIUM" set (both planned and realized) from "Is There In Truth, No Beauty?"

We gave the set a bit of the brighter, third season look of cinematographer Al Francis, rather than the noir-ish look of the first and second season of Jerry Finnerman (although these are, of course, publicity photos and not actual production footage.)

From set construction and painting, to obtaining and/or constructing set pieces, to set decorating, to lighting, to costuming, a lot of people worked hard to get this scene all set up on a sooner-than-we-had-anticipated schedule. I'm proud of everyone on the whole team for pulling this whole thing together as quickly as they did.
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