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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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My point is synthahol is safer ...
I believe I understand you point, and while I can respect where it's coming from, I don't agree with your position.

Yes I know not everyone is off duty and no not everyone at party will get drunk! But even if say a 1/8 of the crew were at a big parts and got pissed and a emergancy happend in which case everybody is called to stations imagine the fallout?
Don't get me wrong. I can easily see there being a regulation prohibiting drinking to the point where you're impaired and couldn't perform your duties if suddenly recalled to duty.

But that not the same as completely eliminating all alcohol on board.

On those rare occasions that you're allowed to drink on US Navy ships (beer day), you must be at least four hours away from your next assigned duty shift.

You also dont want to risk a vital officer succumbing or indulging in alcoholism which is a trap any human can fall into accidently.
Any Human? Again we disagree, by the 24th century having a genetic predisposition toward alcoholism will have been either solved or at least be identifiable, those so identified would need to engage in personal responsibility and self control.

Others who became alcoholics through deliberate actions would likely either be given treatment, or asked to resign. I would imagine this would be the case with any form of substance abuse or disruptive personal behavior.

So best way to prevent that? Well try and have synthahol only on starships (though we know that rule is bent sometimes).
The "best way" would be to have people who you can trust around alcohol.

My point is synthahol is safer on a 4 million ton starship packed with weapons and sheilding whose purpose is to go into the unkown or defend the federation.
Wouldn't selecting people capable of self control be better still? This attribute would extend not just to drink, but other areas.

If I was in charge of starfleet command I would have a Zero tolarance of any serving personal keeping or comsuming alcoholic bevrages while stationed on a Starship or starbase.
You missing something. These people aren't just going out on a six month deployment to sea, they are living years and decades of their lives aboard the starships and at the starbases to which they're assigned.

... senoir staffs commssions for consuming a Alcoholic bevrage which did infact impair there responses in TUDC.
There was no sign that consuming the Romulan Ale in any way slowed or altered the officers responses. While Kirk and Chekov both were experiencing headaches (and maybe body aches), their abilities to preform their duties was intact. And Scotty showed no effects at all, neither did McCoy.

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