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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I liked the movie A LOT, and almost loved it. I adored all the Easter Eggs, especially the nods to Smallville, which I didn't expect. A little humor would have gone a long, long way though.
I'm still totally baffled by the "no humor" criticism. There might not have been any Avengers-style wisecracks, but there were still plenty of small, humorous moments throughout.

-the trucker trying to punch Clark, and then seeing his truck torn apart
-Lois's line about everything going downhill after the first kiss
-"Well here, it's an S" and Superman describing the items in Hamilton's pocket
-Jor-El calmly helping a frazzled Lois shoot Zod's men
-Superman telling Lois "You might want to step back... a little bit more"
-the reverend's huge gulp when Clark tells him who he is
-Martha's "nice suit" line
-the infamous "I think he's kinda hot" line
-the double meaning of "Welcome to the Planet" and "Glad to be here" at the end....
All those got big laughs at the showing I saw. Though I think I was the first person to get the last one.
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