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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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Ah this doesnt really hold water....during the tornadoes in the last few weeks, people in "tornado country" routinely did the WRONG things, including hitting the highways instead of taking deep cover. This is not really much of a criticism.
Yeah, a whole bunch of them hit the road because an idiotic TV weatherman's told them to drive away, and they got trapped in their cars. And I was also surprised to read that the vast majority of people in that area have no kind of underground shelter or bunker at all.

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I liked the scene where Clark visits a church before turning himself over to the military. I'm not sure this suggests that Clark was raised Christian by the Kents; the religious faith of superheroes seems to be a largely unexplored subject.
Yeah I liked that as well. It's something you don't usually see in a superhero movie, and yet it totally made sense given his upbringing.
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