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I spoiler coded this early, maybe in the other thread, but here's my take on Jonathon's death.

It seemed pointless and over nothing. Jonathon goes back to the truck to save the dog. Which, I'm sorry, you're pretty much bred to simply not do in Kansas when it comes to going to safety from a tornado. You're told to get yourself and family to safety and to not worry about pets if you can't get to them. Going back to the car to save the dog was an idiotic move in the circumstances they were under. All of the humans were "safe" (an underpass, really, isn't all that safe place to be when covering from a tornado) Jonathon should've gotten to safety too and not worried about the damn dog. And I say this as a dog lover. Jonathon also, pretty much, "decides to die.'
There's so much wrong from a tornado point of view in that scene:

1) When you live in tornado country you know when the conditions are right for a tornado and you're not out driving on the highway so the 35 cars full of people are wrong right off. People tend to stick very close to home when there's a tornado watch on. On top of that, unless there's a football game that afternoon or church that morning, you don't find that many cars trailing each other on a minor highway between small towns in Kansas.

2) When you live in tornado country, you know that if you are in a car and a tornado is coming, you don't huddle under an overpass, you hit the nearest ditch and get down. Because of the way highways are built in that area, there are generally generous ditches on either side of the highway. If there's no ditch, then you find whatever divot in the earth you can - but you couldn't have Clark watching in anguish if he's head down in a ditch.

The scene is contrived from start to finish to create the circumstances of Jonathon's death. It's clumsy for sure.
Ah this doesnt really hold water....during the tornadoes in the last few weeks, people in "tornado country" routinely did the WRONG things, including hitting the highways instead of taking deep cover. This is not really much of a criticism.
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