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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

So I loved the movie...not understanding some of the criticisms really...this is a modern movie made by the guy who revived the Batman franchise, did anyone think we'd here the circus music playing while slapstick humor was going on? Nope. So to not put to fine a point on it...Superman (1977) was still my favorite superhero movie, surviving assaults from Dark Knight and Iron Man, as well as Avengers to a lesser degree. I am also not a fan of multiple origin stories...but Man of Steel is probably the best overall superhero movie ever made. It had a superior and more integrated storyline involving the main antagonist than Iron Man, Avengers...hell the secondary Kryptonians were great too. A better and more believable alien invasion than Avengers. It was more dynamic and epic than Dark Knight. It had the most believable actor ever to play Superman (Sorry Chris Reeve). It was more serious than Iron wasn't totally humorless, but why can't we have a story about what a real superman might act like...something closer to Heroes from TV?

Had incredible world-building...made Krypton jump out at you like the re-creation when John Byrne first retold the Supes story, with believably advanced technology that still managed to be somewhat gritty and used looking. Terrific FX all around, they've improved the super speed and movement since the original Spiderman and Hulk movies. Saw it in Imax 3D, though frankly I though STID was better in this format than MoS.

I liked how they treated the Kryptonian's power...they were super in their armor but couldn't handle the senses Superman had learned over decades out of it. I did like how Zod was able to use his training and superior focus to slowly but surely do it too, and I knew an inevitable battle was going to take place between superpowered Kryptonians.

As with most movies, it's not perfect. I don't have a gripe about Superman killing, I think that might be necessary at times anyway, and lack of death is not believable in the super titan world of Kryptonians, but I had a problem with Superman NOT moving the battle off the coast...the city was demolished and no one had time to evacuate, the deaths had to be in the 10s of thousands.

Whether the world is ready or not, I'd be damned if I had super speed and powers and didn't save my dad from a tornado. I'd have saved him from tripping over a garden hose! I found this message to be oversold on this point.

File under too much of a good thing: Some judicious editing of the final 40 minutes could've shortened the movie by 10-12 minutes. But this is not a major gripe really.

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