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Re: Spielberg Predicts 'Implosion' of Film Industry

JoeZhang wrote: View Post
They are already experimenting with $50 tickets:
O_o <-- are they insane?! No one, except for the rich could ever afford tickets as expensive as that. Yes there are ones that cost that much for concerts... but come on... movies? They're supposed to be an escape, not a tax bill -- another added stressor . If something like that happens, the movie industry can go just take it and SHOVE it.

Me too.

Exactly. It wouldn't be worth seeing ANY movie at that price, no matter how good it is. And if that would be the movie industries way of getting back at movie piracy, then they're downright INSANE. It'll still happen no matter what.

Yep. And due to them starting to switch over to digital projectors, it's already starting . Heard about some theaters in my area that might not be able to stay open due to the high cost of those projectors. They may not be able to afford them.
What I said on another forum about said issue.

As for the experimentation -- I wonder how many people actually went to the movie early and actually paid that price to do so. Imho, that would help to KILL the movie industry, more than anything else. The general public wouldn't be able to afford to go out and see a movie.
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